The better the crew - the better the race.  In any endeavor there are the things that work and things that work even better.  As we collect these materials and information we will pass it on here.

Click on RESOURCES to be taken to a list of what we have currently.  It will be updated as often as necessary.  The page will also contain links to YouTube videos and Trackside Software downloads.


What's this all about anyway?

Every Club and every Promoter needs a trusted crew of workers to handle every aspect of the race event.  We are not "commercial" racetracks that simply hire staff - we rely on volunteers to make the race day happen.  RaceCrew is an attempt to be a better alternative to the countless hours spent calling for flaggers or workers the night before a race (and worse).........

How is this supposed to work?

There are two sides to our project - Training and Scheduling.  If you want to help at the races - in most any capacity - it's a safe bet there is a race that needs you.  At the same time there are useful skills we can help you with.  Together we can make a better and safer race day. 

Request a call back

Contact information here is for GENERAL INQUIRIES ABOUT THE RACECREW PROGRAM ONLY!  Information about specific events needs to be asked directly to the individual race promoter.

6120 Birchwood Lane, Weston WI 54476

(715) 212 - 6340